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  1. When the database upgrade scripts are executed, the following are some of the new tables that will be created in the database:
  2. Verify that all the required scenarios are working as expected as shown below. This confirms that the upgrade is successful.
    1. Start the AS 5.3.0 server instance once the configurations are done.

    2. Make sure that the server starts up fine without any errors.

    3. Test the deployed artifacts:
      1. Log in to the management console as the super tenant.

      2. Navigate to Main -> Applications -> List.

      3. Verify the web application list shown there.

      4. Invoke a web application to verify that it works.

      5. Then, navigate to Main -> Services -> List.

      6. Verify the services list shown there.

      7. Invoke a service to verify that it works.

      8. Then, navigate to Main -> Carbon Applications -> List.

      9. Verify the CApp list shown there.
    4. Verify that the Users and Roles are picked up:

      1. Navigate to Configure -> Accounts & Credentials -> Users and Roles

      2. Verify that the list of users and roles are shown correctly.

      3. View the permissions of a chosen role, and make sure that the permissions are correct.
    5. If you are using multitenancy,

      1. log Log in to the management console using the super tenant credentials.

      2. Navigate to Configure -> View Tenants.

      3. Verify the tenant list shown there.

      4. Then, log in to the system as a tenant and make sure that the log in is successful.