This documentation is for WSO2 Dockerfiles version 1.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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WSO2 Dockerfiles version 1.1.0 is the successor of version 1.0.0. This  This release includes the following features.

  • A consistent set of Dockerfiles with recommended best practices for the following WSO2 Products.
    • WSO2 API Manager
    • WSO2 Application Server
    • WSO2 Business Process Server
    • WSO2 Business Rules Server
    • WSO2 Complex Event Processor
    • WSO2 Data Analytics Server
    • WSO2 Data Services Server
    • WSO2 Enterprise Store
    • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
    • WSO2 Governance Registry
    • WSO2 Identity Server
    • WSO2 Message Broker
  • Helper scripts to build Docker images, start, and stop containers.

  • Extension points for users to plug in custom provisioning mechanisms to configure products prior to building the images.

  • Default and Puppet based provisioning methods included as references for developing custom provisioning methods.

What has changed in this release

  • Updated the build script by carrying out the following.
    • Added an option flag in the build script to skip confirmation for image overwriting.
    • Added an option flag in build script to provide the platform as an argument to build.
    • Added an option flag in the build script to tag the name param in the build script.
  • Added a root build script to build all Docker images with default provisioning.
  • Added a script to clean all the Docker images built with default provisioning.
  • Added the export CARBON_HOME option before calling the profile init script.
  • Added an option to prompt container logs in the Docker run script.
  • Picked port between 8000 - 8010 for the HTTP server.
  • Fixed the following known issues.
    • Fixed the ‘IP command not found’ issue in Puppet provisioning.
    • Fixed the ‘IP command not found’ issue by adding iproute2 to apt-get install.
    • Corrected the container_id variable name

Fixed issues

For a complete list of fixed issues, see WSO2 Dockerfiles - Fixed Issues.


For a complete list of known issues, see WSO2 Dockerfiles - Open Issues.