WSO2 Complex Event Processor is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. To view the latest documentation for WSO2 SP, see WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation.

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  • A stream with the ID
  • An event publisher named eventPublisherpublisher named eventPublisher
  • An events have been stored in events.csv which will be are loaded to event simulator.

Executing the sample

Navigate to the  <CEP_HOME>/samples/cep/consumers/wso2-event/ directory, and execute the following Ant command using another tab in the CLI: ant -Dsn=0057


The other optional parameters that can be used in the above command are defined in the <CEP_HOME>/samples/cep/consumers/wso2-event/build.xml file.

This builds client which fetches the the published events in the <CEP_HOME>/samples/cep/artifacts/0057/eventsimulatorfiles/events.csv file from the emailPublisher endpoint.