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This section guides you through a tutorial of creating a BPMN process using the WSO2 Developer Studio and covers the following areas:

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  1. Go to File>New>Other and search for the Java Library Project wizard to create a WSO2 Java Library project.
  2. Add the HelloWorldServiceTask Java project from workspace and click Finish
  3. Go to File>New>Composite Application Project to create a new Composite Application Project. 
  4. Select HelloWorldServiceTask_Artifact as a dependency.
  5. Select Business Process Server as HelloWorldServiceTask_Artifact's server role.
  6. Right-click on the HelloWorldServiceTask_CAR project and select Export Composite Application Project. Select an export destination and click Finish.  
  7. Right-click on the HelloWorld.bpmn Activiti Diagram and select Export. Select Archive File under General to export the diagram as an archive file. 

  8. Browse for an export location and rename the file extension as ".bar". Select Create only selected directories and click Finish. 

 Deploying Deploying the process using WSO2 Business Process Server