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In this setup, API traffic is served by one active all-in-one instance of WSO2 API Manager and one passive all-in-one instance of WSO2 API Manager.


  • The system is highly available.
  • Production support is required only for a single API Manager node (you receive 24*7 WSO2 production support).
  • Can handle up to 43 million API calls a day (up to 500 API calls a second).
  • Deployment is up and running within hours.
  • Not network friendly. Deploying on DMZ would require a Reverse Proxy.
  • Switch over time from active node to passive node, in case of a failover.


 For information on how to manually configure production servers, see Configuring Production Servers Manuallya Single Node.

For information on how to configure production servers using Puppet scripts, see Configuring Production Servers Using Puppet.