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Other message builders and formatters

Other message builders and formatters can be enabled by adding the passthruJsonBuilder and passthruJsonFormatter parameters to the axis2.xml file as explained below.

If you want to convert the JSON representation to XML before the mediation flow begins, you can need to add the relevant message builder and formatter using the passthruJsonBuilder and passthruJsonFormatter parameters in the axis2.xml file as shown below. Note that some data loss can occur during the JSON to XML to JSON conversion process.


The following builders and formatters are also included can also enabled. Note that this is necessary for compatibility with previous versions of the EI (WSO2 ESB):

  • org<parameter name="passthruJSONBuilder">org.apache.axis2.json.JSONBuilder</parameter>
  • <parameter name="passthruJSONFormatter">org.apache.axis2.json.JSONBuilderJSONMessageFormatter</JSONMessageFormatterparameter>
  • <parameter name="passthruJSONBuilder">org.apache.axis2.json.JSONStreamBuilder/JSONStreamFormatter</parameter>
  • <parameter name="passthruJSONFormatter">org.apache.axis2.json.JSONStreamFormatter</parameter>

  • <parameter name="passthruJSONBuilder">org.apache.axis2.json.JSONBadgerfishOMBuilder</parameter>
  • <parameter name="passthruJSONFormatter">org.apache.axis2.json.JSONBadgerfishMessageFormatter</parameter>


Always use the same type of builder and formatter combination. Mixing different builders and formatters will cause errors at runtime.