This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.4.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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titleBefore you begin

This release is a WUM-only release. This means that there are no manual patches. Any further fixes or latest updates for this release can be updated through the WSO2 Update Manager (WUM).

  • If you are upgrading to this version to use this version in your production environment, use the WSO2 Update Manager and get the latest available updates for WSO2 IS 5.4.0. For more information on how to do this, see Updating WSO2 Products.
titleMigrating the embedded LDAP user store

It is not generally recommended to use the embedded LDAP user store that is shipped with WSO2 Identity Server in production setups. However, if migration of the embedded LDAP is required, follow the instructions below to migrate the existing IS 5.3.0 LDAP user store to IS 5.4.0.

  • Copy the <OLD_IS_HOME>/repository/data folder to <NEW_IS_HOME>/repository/data folder.
  • Restart the server to save the changes.