This documentation is for WSO2 IoT Server 3.1.0. View the documentation for the latest release.
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The <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts folder contains all the database script files related to configuring the respective databases:

DatabaseFile path
API Manager<IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/apimgt
Carbon Device Management Framework (CDMF)<IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm
Message Broker<IoTS_HOME>/wso2/broker/dbscripts/mb-store
Data Analytics Server<IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/metrics

Folder structure

  • <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts folder. Image Removed
  • The <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm folder contains the database script files related to the Connected Device Management Framework (CDMF).

    • The <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm/plugins folder contains the database scripts for platform specific plugins. 


      You will see the plugins folder, only when you have run the sampleBy default, you only see the android and windows directories. Once you run the device-plugins-deployer.xml as explained under starting the server, you see the arduino, raspberry-pi, virtual_firealarm directories.

      Example:  Database scripts for the Arduino-specific plugin are located in the <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm/plugins/arduino directory.