This documentation is for WSO2 IoT Server 3.1.0. View the documentation for the latest release.
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The <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts folder contains all the database script files related to configuring the respective databases:

DatabaseFile path
API Manager<IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/apimgt
Carbon Device Management Framework (CDMF)<IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm
Message Broker<IoTS_HOME>/wso2/broker/dbscripts/mb-store
Data Analytics Server<IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/metrics

Folder structure

  • <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts folder. Image Removed
  • The <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm folder contains the database script files related to the Connected Device Management Framework (CDMF).

    • The <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm/plugins folder contains the database scripts for platform specific plugins. 


      You will see the plugins folder, only when you have run the sample-By default, you only see the android and windows directories. Once you run the device-plugins-deployer.xml as explained under starting the server, you see the arduino, raspberry-pi, virtual_firealarm directories.

      Example:  Database scripts for the Arduino-specific plugin are located in the <IoTS_HOME>/dbscripts/cdm/plugins/arduino directory.