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  1. Copy the following code snippet to the TokenValidationService SOAP service of the respective MQTT broker.

    Code Block

    This will enable enables a client stub to access the TokenValidationService. To check out the existing code implementation, see

  2. Call the DeviceAccessAuthorizationService API, to authorize the client.


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    curl -X POST https://localhost:8243/api/device-mgt/v1.0/admin/authorization -H 'authorization: Bearer 7e5cad0f-cf78-3981-b50e-db9d674fb741' -H 'content-type: application/json' -d '{"tenantDomain":"carbon.super","username": "ayyoob","deviceIdentifiers":[{"id":123, "type":"firealarm"}]}'

    To check out the existing code implementation, see