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The configuration file used for wrapping Java Applications by YAJSW is wrapper.conf, which is located in the <YAJSW_HOME>/conf/ directory and in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/bin/yajsw/ directory of many WSO2 products. Following is the minimal wrapper.conf configuration for running a WSO2 product as a Windows service. Open your wrapper.conf file, set its properties as follows, and save it in <YAJSW_HOME>/conf/ directory.


If you are using Due to a known issue in ESB 4.9.0, you must manually add the following property configuration line to the end of the wrapper.conf file to avoid errors in the rendering of the management console:

Code Block = -Dorg.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_QUOTE_ESCAPING=false

If this property configuration line is not added, you may come across an exception that will result results in blank pages when you log on to navigate through the management console. This issue will be fixed in the next ESB release.


If you want to set additional properties from an external registry at runtime, store sensitive information like usernames and passwords for connecting to the registry in a properties file and secure it with secure vault.