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The following diagram illustrates the Integration Cloud's architecture:

  • Integration Cloud SaaS Application: Provides a web UI and a REST API for users to deploy their applications. The web UI is developed using Jaggery. It invokes the REST API, which in turn invokes the following backend components:
    • K8S Client (Kubernetes Client)Provides an interface to deploy applications in the Kubernetes cluster.
    • Docker Client:  Provides an interface to build images and push to the docker registry.

    • DAO:  Provides an interface to manipulate database operations to store metadata required for the Integration Cloud in the Integration   Cloud DB.
    • SOAP Client Invokes the WSO2 Storage Server's admin services to create databases and users.  

  • WSO2 Application Server Provides the hosting environment where the Integration Cloud SaaS application is deployed.
  • WSO2 Identity Server:  Provides identity management and SSO for the Integration Cloud SaaS application.
  • WSO2 Storage Server:  Provides RSS instances for users to store application data.
  • WSO2 Data Analytics Server:  Collects statistics published by the deployed applications and provides dashboards to users.  
  • Docker Registry:  Stores application images that are created using the deployable artifacts and runtimes.
  • Kubernetes:  Provides a runtime to deploy applications. Kubernetes namespaces provide tenant isolation. Applications are deployed per pod, per container. 
  • HAProxy: Allows users to access the applications deployed in the Integration Cloud.

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Environment variables

You can use environment variables to change an application's internal configuration without changing its source code. It is recommended to use environment variables to set the values of dynamic properties  such as database connections details (e.g., database URL, username, and password), Log4j properties, system properties etc.