This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.4.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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  1. After clicking the Add button, the screen that appears will contain the fully qualified name of the challenge question set. In the example above, the Set Id is "Set1", therefore the fully qualified name of the set is
  2. Navigate to Claims>Add and click Add Local Claim.
  3. Enter the following details and select the Supported by Default checkbox to map the challenge question set to a claim in the user store. Click Add. 


    Tip: Since the first challenge question of the set was "Place of birth?", in this example the mapped attribute of the PRIMARY user store is "location".

    • Claim URI:
    • Display Name: Challenge Question Set 1
    • Description: xxx
    • Mapped Attribute-User Store Domain Name: PRIMARY
    • Mapped Attribute-Mapped Attribute: location


  1. Click on Add under Challenge Questions and then click Add Challenge Question
  2. Fill in the following details and click Add

    FieldDescriptionSample Value
    Challenge Question Set IdThe Id of the challenge question set to which the new challenge question should be added.
    Add Locale Mapping to a questionSelect Yes to add the same challenge question in another language.No
    Challenge Question Id Unique Id for the challenge question. Q2
    Challenge Question Locale Language that the challenge question is in. English
    Add Challenge QuestionThe challenge question.Favourite food?

  3. Click Add to save. 


  1. Login to the management console using admin/admin credentials.
  2. Click on Add under Challenge Questions and then click Add Challenge Question
  3. Select the relevant challenge question set and select Yes for the Add Locale Mapping to a question field. 

  4. Enter the same Challenge Question Id (Q1) and select the Challenge Question Locale as French
  5. Enter the Q1 challenge question in French and click Add
  6. Click on the Edit button corresponding to the relevant set ( You will see Q1 listed twice in the two different languages as seen below. 
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Click on List under Claims and select
  9. Select the Locality claim and click Edit. Select the Supported by Default checkbox and click Update
  10. Logout as admin and login as a user with user profile management permissions. 
  11. Click on List under Users and Roles and then select Users
  12. Click on the User Profile button corresponding to the logged in user. 
  13. Enter fr_fr to set language as French for the Locality field and click Update
  14. Login to the dashboard and click View Details under Account Recovery. Only the questions matching the locale set in the user profile will appear (in this example, only the French question will appear).