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Adding a challenge question set

  1. Start the IS server and login Identity Server and log in to the management console using admin/admin credentials. 
  2. Navigate to the Main tab and click on Add under Challenge Questions.
  3. Click Add New Challenge Question Set and fill in the following fields to add a new set of challenge questions. 


    When adding a new challenge question set, you have to add the first challenge question of the set along with it.

    FieldDescriptionSample Value
    Challenge Question Set IdThe This is a text field that enables you to specify the question set Id. This Id can only contain alpha numeric characters.Set1
    Challenge Question IdThe This text field allows you to enter the question Id of the first question in the set. This Id can only contain alpha numeric characters.Q1
    Challenge Question LocaleThe This dropdown field enables you to select the language the challenge question will appear in. Spanish
    Add Challenge QuestionAdd the first challenge question of the set.Place of birth?

  4. Click Add and you will be redirected to the following screen, which displays the newly added question set. 


  1. Click on Add under Challenge Questions and then click Add Challenge Question
  2. Fill in the following details and click Add

    FieldDescriptionSample Value
    Challenge Question Set IdThe This is a dropdown field that allows you to select the Id of the challenge question set to which the new challenge question should be added.
    Add Locale Mapping to a questionSelect Yes to add the same Select Yes if you are adding an existing challenge question in another language.No
    Challenge Question Id Unique This text field enables you to enter a unique Id for the challenge question. Q2
    Challenge Question Locale Language Select the language that the challenge question is in using the dropdown. English
    Add Challenge QuestionThe challenge question.Favourite food?

  3. Click Add to save. add the challenge questions

Add locale mapping to a question