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  • Configure WSO2 ESB with Apache ActiveMQ, and set up the JMS listener. For instructions, see Configure with ActiveMQ.
  • Start the ESB server.


Configuring the sample

  • Create a proxy service with the following configuration. For information on how to create a proxy service, see Creating a Proxy Service.

    Code Block
    <proxy xmlns="" name="JMStoHTTPStockQuoteProxy" transports="jms">
                   <property action="set" name="OUT_ONLY" value="true"/>
                   <address uri="http://localhost:9000/services/SimpleStockQuoteService"/>
    titleProxy Service Configuration

    The OUT_ONLY property is set to true to indicate that message exchange is one-way.

    You can make the proxy service a JMS listener by setting the transport as jms. Once the JMS transport is enabled for a proxy service, the ESB starts listening on a JMS queue with the same name as the proxy service.

    If you take a look at the sample configuration above, the ESB listens to a JMS queue named JMStoHTTPStockQuoteProxy. To make the proxy service listen to a different JMS queue, define the transport.jms.Destination parameter with the name of the destination queue. For details, see below.

Testing the sample

To test this sample, you need an HTTP back-end service. Let's use the SimpleStockQuoteService as the back-end service and test the sample.