This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 5.0.0. For the latest ESB, view the latest WSO2 Enterprise Integrator documentation.

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  1. Click Run in the top menu of the WSO2 ESB Tooling Plugin, and then click Debug Configurations.
  2. Double click ESB Mediation Debugger as shown below.
    add debugging configuration
  3. Enter the details to create a new configuration as shown in the example below. You need to define two port numbers and a hostname t o connect the ESB server with the WSO2 ESB Tooling Plugin in the mediation debug mode.
    new configuration
  4. Execute the following command commands to start WSO2 ESB server in the debug mode by passing a system variable at start up:    
    • On Windows: <EI<ESB_HOME>\bin\wso2server.bat --run -Desb.debug=true
    • On Linux/Solaris: sh <EI<ESB_HOME>/bin/ -Desb.debug=true
  5. Click Debug in the WSO2 ESB Tooling Plugin when  the WSO2 ESB Console indicates the following.


    You have approximately a one-minute time span to connect the WSO2 ESB Tooling Plugin with the ESB server for the execution of the above created debug configuration. Otherwise, the ESB server will stop listening and start without connecting with the debugger tool.

    Console of ESB

  6.   In the WSO2 ESB Tooling Plugin, right click and add breakpoints or skip points on the desired mediators to start debugging as shown in the example below. 

    add breakpoints


    You can add the following debugging options on the mediators using the right click context menu.

    • Toggle Breakpoint: Adds a breakpoint to the selected mediator
    • Toggle Skip Point: Adds a skip point to the selected mediator
    • Resend ESB Debug Points: If you re-start the ESB server, or if you re-deploy the proxy service after changing its Synapse configuration, you need to re-send the information on breakpoints to the WSO2 ESB server. This re-sends all registered debugging points to the ESB Server.   
    • Delete All ESB Debug Points: Deletes all registered debug points from the ESB Server and the WSO2 ESB Tooling Plugin