This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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The API import/export tool uses a RESTful API, protected by basic authentication. Only users with admin privileges role are allowed to access it in the initial phase. To allow access to the import/export feature only for a particular tenant, log in to WSO2 API Manager's Management Console and add the downloaded archive file as a web application to the server.


To access API import/export, you need to assign the admin role to the user.

'admin' role is the default role which is specified in the Realm configuration in <APIM-HOME>/repository/conf/user-mgt.xml. It will be changed if you have changed this <AdminRole> value in below configuration.

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The export functionality

API export functionality retrieves the information required for the requested API from the registry and databases and generates a ZIP file, which the exporter can download. This exported ZIP file has the following structure: