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Throttling tiers are associated with an API at subscription time and can be defined at an API-level, resource-level, subscription-level and application-level (per token). They define the throttling limits enforced by the API Gateway, e.g., 10 TPS (transactions per second). The final throttle limit granted to a given user on a given API is ultimately defined by the consolidated output of all throttling tiers together. The API Manager comes with three predefined tiers for each level and a special tier called Unlimited, which you can disable by editing the <TierManagement> <ThrottlingConfigurations> element of the <APIM_HOME>/repository/conf/api-manager.xml file. 


In API Manager 2.0.0 onwards, Advanced Throttling is enabled by default with following configuration in <API-M_HOME>/repository/conf/api-manager.xml.

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If you are disabling Advanced Throttling in any case by setting the value of <EnableAdvanceThrottling> false, Advanced Throttling is disabled and old Throttling mechanism is enabled thereafter. In such a scenario, if you want to disable the Unlimited Throttling tier of old Throttling configurations, you need to disable it under <TierManagement> by setting <EnableUnlimitedTier> to false.

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API keys

The API Manager supports two scenarios for authentication: