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This page describes how to globally configure transports in  that the ESB Profile of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) supports. It contains the following sections:

Table of Contents

Globally configuring


Using the axis2.xml File
Using the axis2.xml File

Using the axis2.xml file

WSO2 Carbon and all Carbon-based products ship with a configuration file named axis2.xml, located in <EI_HOME>/conf/axis2 directory. This is similar to the axis2.xml file that ships with Apache Axis2 and Apache Synapse and contains the global configuration for WSO2 Carbon and the Carbon-based products. The axis2.xml configuration generally includes configuration details for modules, phases, handlers, global configuration parameters, and transports. The elements <transportReceiver> and <transportSender> are used to configure transport receivers and senders respectively. Some transports are already configured and enabled by default, including the HTTP and HTTPS transports.


The HTTP and HTTPS transports are required for the to start the Management Console of the ESB Profile of WSO2 EI management console , and for other administrative functions. Do Therefore, do not disable these transports.


WSO2 products do not use the HTTP/S servlet transport configurations that are in in the axis2.xml file. Instead, they use Tomcat-level servlet transport configurations in in the <EI_HOME>/conf/tomcat/catalina-server.xml file.

However, products like WSO2 ESB and the ESB Profile of WSO2 EI use the HTTP Pass Through transport in axis2.xml.

Given below Following is an example of the JMS transport receiver configuration in the axis2.xml file.


WSO2 Carbon and Carbon based products allow the user to configure transports at the service level. Transports configured at the service level affect individual services and not all the services deployed in WSO2 EI. Some transport implementations such as JMS and FIX mandate configuring certain transport parameters at the service level.