This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 3.2.0. View the documentation for the latest release.
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Let's take a look at some concepts and terminology that you need to know in order to follow the use cases of WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM), which is bundled inside WSO2 IoT Server.


Please note that all the sections listed below take you to the WSO2 IoT Server documentation.


In WSO2 IoT Server, a collection of policies is called a profile. Policy profiles  profiles allow you to apply multiple policies to a device collectively.  WSO2 IoT Server has predefined policies in place to manage mobile devices and supports creating custom policies for IoT devices.


Encryption is the process of translating/encoding data/messages (plaintext) using an algorithm (cipher) into a secret code (cipher textciphertext) that can only be accessed by authorized entities with a secret key or a password. 


Database TypeContentCriticality
CarbonRegistry details.Not Critical
RegistryConfiguration and governance registry details.Critical
User ManagerUser permissions, roles and superuser detailsCritical
CDMCore device management data, e.g., device details, device operations, and device policies.Critical

These databases hold device type details. By default there are three types of plugin databases:

  • Android DB: Holds Android device details, e.g., magic tokens.
  • iOS DB: Holds iOS device details and push tokens to call APNS.
  • Windows DB: Holds Windows device details.
Certificate ManagementThe mutual SSL certificate details.
App ManagerApplication related details.Critical
StoreStorerelated Store related data.Not Critical
SocialData related to application ranking, ratings, and comments.Depends on the use case
Analytics Event Store

Persisted incoming events streamed from WSO2 Data Analytics Server (WSO2 DAS) as raw data in a tabular structure

Analytics Processed Data StoreSummarized events data.Critical
MB Store

Messages passed through the broker.


Metricspertaining to server performance.

Not Critical