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You can prioritize messages to ensure that high-priority messages are not dropped. Prioritization is implemented at two levels in WSO2 ESBEI:

  • HTTP transport level - If users would like to use the ESB EI as a pure router.
  • Message mediation level - If users use ESB EI for heavy processing like XSLT and XQuery.


At the message mediation layer, this can be done using content filters. This means the full power of ESB EI configuration language is available to the user for determining the priority of a given message. For example, a message may contain an element called "priority" and depending on its value the priority can be determined.


  • core - Defines a core number of Priority Executor threads. When ESB EI is started with the priority executor, this number of threads will be created.
  • max - Defines the maximum number of threads this executor will have.
  • keep-alive - Defines the keep-alive time of threads. If the number of threads in the executor exceeds the core threads, they will be in active for the keep-alive time only. After the keep-alive time, those threads will be be removed from the system.