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titleFresh setup with reindexing

All the index data and configurations are initialized when you start WSO2 DAS 3.2.0 for the first time. Therefore, if your WSO2 DAS 3.2.0 setup is a fresh setup and you want to reindex all the data after migrating analytics tables, you do not need to copy any of the indexing related configurations.

titleUsing reindexing command

This method involves running the analytics data backup/restore tool with the -reindexEvents setting to index the data. Here, the indexing is done using the existing data in the database to which you already connected WSO2 DAS 3.2.0 in the Migrating the configurations section. For more information, see Backing Up or Restoring Analytics Data.

titleCopying indexing data

Follow the steps below to migrate the index information from DAS 3.1.0 to DAS 3.2.0.

  1. Copy the contents of the <DAS_3.1.0>/repository/data directory and replace the contents of the <DAS_3.2.0>/repository/data directory with it.
  2. Take copies of the following files in the <DAS_3.1.0_HOME> and use them to replace the new files in DAS 3.2.0 that are in the locations given below.
    • <DAS-3.1.0_HOME>/repository/conf/analytics/my-node-id.dat file
      The following needs to be done when copying this file:
      1. Rename the file to datamy-node-id.dat
      2. Copy this file to the <DAS_3.2.0_HOME>/repository/data directory.
    • <DAS-3.1.0_HOME>/repository/conf/analytics/local-shard-allocation-config.conf file
      Copy this file to the <DAS_3.2.0_HOME>/repository/data directory.


Make sure that you do not mix the configuration files between nodes. The configuration files and index data of DAS 3.1.0 - node 1 should be copied to DAS 3.2.0 - node 1, and the configuration files and index data of DAS 3.1.0 - node 2 should be copied to DAS 3.2.0 - node 2 etc.