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  1. If DEP related policies must be applied to the device, the "is Supervised" check is ticked during profile creation.
  2. If this is a first testing rounds, keep "is Mandatory" uncheked until it is confimed the configurations are correctly made.
  3. If profile edit is made, the device must be removed from existing profile assignment and reassigned to the new UUID.
  4. A profile is assigned to the device being enrolled.
  5. Either "Assigned user's username " is filled or "Login required" check is ticked.
  6. If Agent install is checked, the agent is published and agent app ID related configurations are made. Note that the agent version must be IoT server 3.3.1 or upwards compatible.
  7. Factory reset is mandotory if an existing device is being reused/tested. Apple devices purched through DEP program and has not beed setup before, does not need to be factory resetting.