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  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud. This takes you to the API Publisher Web application.
  2. On the API Publisher listing, click the edit icon on an API for which you want to download SDKs.

    This displays the Manage tab where you can edit required details.
  3. Under the API Definition section, click Edit Source to open the embedded swagger editor.
  4. On the swagger editor, follow the appropriate step from below depending on whether you want to download the server stub or the client-side SDK.

    • If you want to generate and download a server stub, click Generate Server and select a required framework to get the server stub. 


      API developers can use the Generate Server option to generate the REST API structure based on the swagger definition. The actual backend implementation can be developed on top of the code generated using swagger code generator. You can select from a list of frameworks to generate the actual backend implementation stub of the REST API.

      This downloads the server stub as a ZIP file.

    • If you want to generate and download a client SDK, click Generate Client and select a required framework to get the client-side SDK. 

      This downloads the client-side SDK as a ZIP file.

Now that you understand how to download SDKs for any published API either via the API Store or the Publisher, you can use the downloaded SDK to write a client application that consumes a subscribed API.