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  1. Open <EI_HOME>/conf/axis2/axis2.xml for editing.
  2. In the transport listeners section, add the following RabbitMQ transport listener, replacing the values with your host, port, username, and password to connect to the AMQP broker. 

    Code Block
    <transportReceiver name="rabbitmq" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.rabbitmq.RabbitMQListener">
       <parameter name="AMQPConnectionFactory" locked="false">
          <parameter name="" locked="false"></parameter>
          <parameter name="rabbitmq.server.port" locked="false">5672</parameter>
          <parameter name="" locked="false">user</parameter>
          <parameter name="rabbitmq.server.password" locked="false">abc123</parameter>

    As an optional step, you can create multiple connection factories if you want this listener to connect to multiple brokers.

  3. In the transport senders section, add the following RabbitMQ transport sender, which will be used for sending AMQP messages to a queue:

    Code Block
    <transportSender name="rabbitmq" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.rabbitmq.RabbitMQSender"/>
  4. Download the "amqp-client-5.7.0.jar" and copy it into <EI_HOME>/lib folder
  5. Start WSO2 EI.

RabbitMQ AMQP transport parameters