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titleJava system properties

The following system properties can be passed to the server if the default values need to be changed.

PropertyDefault valueDescription
-Dusage.publishing.frequency=20000300000 (5 minutes)The frequency in which the database is read by the event source. This parameter is defined in milliseconds.
-Dusage.cleanup.frequency=360001800000 (30 minutes)

The frequency in which the cleanup task is run, to remove the processed files. This parameter is defined in milliseconds.

-Dfile.retention.days=5 N/A

The allowed duration for files to remain in the database. This parameter is defined in days

-Dusage.publishing.thread.count=3 3The number of worker threads used to read data from the database. Each thread will read from a single file.
Code Block
-Dusage.cleanup.frequency=48000  -Dusage.publishing.frequency=20000 -Dfile.retention.days=3

Step 2 - Configuring the Microgateway for Analytics

To do the configurations for Microgateway analytics, open the <MICROGW_HOME>/conf/micro-gw.conf file. The sample below shows the analytics-related configurations.