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Before digging into implementation details, let's take a look at the relationship between the example scenario and the Splitter EIP by comparing their core components.

Splitter EIP (Figure 1)Splitter Example Scenario (Figure 2)
New Order RequestStock Quote Request
SplitterIterate Mediator
Order Item RequestEndpoint (stock quote service instances)

Environment setup

  1. Download and install WSO2 ESB from For a list of prerequisites and step-by-step installation instructions, refer to Installation Guide in the WSO2 ESB documentation.
  2. Start a Sample Axis2 server instance. For instructions, refer to the section Setting up the ESB Samples - Starting the Axis2 server in the WSO2 ESB documentation.


Note that the three requests will appear as sent in the Axis2 server log.

You view the following output in the Axis2 Console: :: Generating quote for : IBM :: Generating quote for : IBM :: Generating quote for : WSO2

Also, you view the following output in the Soap UI.

SOAP responseImage Added

How the implementation works