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All WSO2 products are shipped with the log4j logging capabilities, which generates administrative activities and server side logs. The file, which governs how logging is performed by the server can be found in the EI_HOME/conf directory of the ESB profile, Message Broker profile, and the Business Process profile of WSO2 EI.

There are three main components when configuring log4j: LoggersAppenders, and Layouts.


  • CARBON_CONSOLE: Logs to the console when the server is running.
  • CARBON_LOGFILE: Writes the logs to MI_HOME /repository/logs/wso2carbon.log .
  • SERVICE_APPENDER: Writes service invocations to MI_HOME/repository/logs/wso2-ei-service.log.
  • ERROR_LOGFILE: Writes warning/error messages to the MI_HOME/repository/logs/wso2-ei-service.log.
  • TRACE _ APPENDER: Writes tracing/debug messages to the MI_HOME/repository/logs/wso2-ei-trace.log for tracing enabled services.
  • CARBON_SYS_LOG: Allows separating the software that generates messages, from the system that stores them and the software that reports and analyzes them.

Configuring Log4j Loggers