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The Analytics profile consists of two components: Worker and Dashboard. The worker is the server that processes the data streams that are sent from the ESB profile and publishes the statistics to a database. The dashboard reads the statistics published by the worker and displays the statistics on the dashboard. The worker and dashboard are connected through the database. Note that you need to use two separate WSO2 EI instances for the worker and dashboard.

Open Tracing

The ESB profile of WSO2 EI can also use the Open Tracing standard for configuring for tracing. WSO2 EI currently supports Open Tracing through Jaeger. Message flows from the ESB profile can be visualized as traces in the See the following topics for more details:

Jaeger (OpenTracing)

Jaeger is a distributed tracing system that supports the OpenTracing standard. The ESB profile of WSO2 EI 6.6.0 can be configured with Jaeger so that message flow traces can be visualized from the Jaeger UI.

See the following topics for more details:children