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Follow the steps given below to view message flow tracing data via the Jaeger UI.


To tune Jaeger for better performance, see Jaeger Performance Tuning Guide.

Before using the Jaeger UI, do the following:

  1. Download Jaeger and start it as mentioned in its Quick Start Guide before starting the ESB profile.
  2. Configure the ESB profile and the mediation statistics to publish data to Jaeger.
  3. Deploy the mediation artifacts in the ESB and start the ESB profile.
  4. Invoke the mediation flow deployed in the ESB. The message flow traces will now get published to Jaeger.

Now, let's use the Jaeger UI to analyze message traces generated from the ESB:

  1. Open the Jaeger UI from the following URL: http://localhost:16686
  2. Under Search, select wso2-synapse as the Service, and click Find Traces.
  3. Traces that belong to WSO2 Synapse message flows will be listed down, as shown below.
  4. Click on a trace for a detailed view.