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In a clustered deployment, statistics should be enabled for the required artifacts in all the EI nodes if you have not enabled deployment synchronizing. If deployment synchronizing is enabled, you need to enable statistics for the required artifacts only in one node.

For example, you can enable statistics for a proxy service as described below.


Follow the steps below to enable statistics and tracing for the REST API:

  1. Open WSO2 Integration Studio and open the REST API artifact.
  2. Click the REST API icon (in the design view) to open the Properties tab for the REST API. 
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  3. To enable the collection of mediation statistics for the REST API, select Enable Statistics (shown above).
  4. To enable mediation tracing for the REST API, select Enable Tracing (shown above).


    Note that it is not recommended to enable tracing in production environments as it generates a large number of events that reduces the performance of the analytics profile. Therefore, tracing should only be enabled in development environments.

To enable statistics and tracing for the endpoint artifacts, open the Form view of the endpoint artifact and set the Trace Enabled and Statistics Enabled values to 'True'. For example, see the QueryDoctorEP endpoint:
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Similarly, you can enable tracing and statistics for all the required endpoint artifacts.

titleUsing the management console?

The following table specifies the path to the Enable Statistics link for each ESB artifact type that can be analyzed using the Analytics Dashboard using the management console.

EI Artifact TypePath
Proxy ServiceMain tab => Services => List => Deployed Services page => <Proxy_Service_Name>
REST APIMain tab => APIs => Deployed APIs page
SequenceMain tab => Sequences => Mediation Sequences page
EndpointMain tab => Endpoints => Manage Endpoints page
Inbound EndpointMain tab => Inbound Endpoints => Manage Inbound Endpoints page


If you have worker nodes configured in your deployment, use WSO2 Integration Studio to enable message tracing/statistics as follows. You need to set the value of the Trace Enabled and Statistics Enabled options to true in the Properties tab of the artifact. Note that message tracing is not recommended for production environments.