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In these steps, you move updates to production by extracting the updates into a ZIP file, testing the updates, and then manually merging them to the existing product distribution. You do not replace the existing production setup with the WUM-updated setup.

Manually applying WUM updates

If you are an existing WUM user, do the following to update your products. If not, see Getting Started with WUMare new to WUM, first see Getting Started with WUM to update your prodructs. If you have already used WUM, follow the steps given below.


Before you begin, do you have a proxy server/firewall? Then, grant access to the endpoints mentioned below.

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WUM gets updates by connecting to the and endpoints in the WSO2 Update service. If your system connects to the Update service through a proxy server/firewall, grant access to these endpoints.
Since WUM is a command-line tool, the proxy should be configured from your command-line as follows: 

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export http_proxy=http://username:[email protected]:port/

If you are behind an NTLM proxy, you can use a third party tool like CNTLM to do the NTLM proxy authentication. See the CNTLM documentation for instructions.