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Introducing the Sample

The sample shows some advanced functionalities of REST-based Web Services using JAX-RS (JSR-311). The REST server provides the following services:   

Code Block
       "drinkName":"Vanilla Flavored Coffee",
  • A HTTP POST request to URL ${serviceURL}/orders with the following data adds an order.
Code Block
   <drinkName>Mocha Flavored Coffee</drinkName>
  • An id for this order is generated at server-side and returned in the response. The response body looks like the following in JSON format.
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   "drinkName":"Mocha Flavored Coffee",
  • A HTTP PUT request to URL ${serviceURL}/orders with the following data, where the 'orderId' is set to the one received in the response body when the order was added:
Code Block
       "additions":"Chocolate Chip Cookies"
  • It updates the 'additions' of the order "ee1a9ec2-c8a5-4afe-8585-74df591f9990" from "Caramel" to "Chocolate Chip Cookies". The response will be in XML-format as follows. 
Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <additions>Chocolate Chip Cookies</additions>
      <drinkName>Full Leaf Green Tea</drinkName>
  • A HTTP DELETE request to URL ${serviceURL}/orders/ee1a9ec2-c8a5-4afe-8585-74df591f9990 with an empty request body will delete the order details of order "ee1a9ec2-c8a5-4afe-8585-74df591f9990".

The client code demonstrates how to send HTTP GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests whereas the server code demonstrates how to build a RESTful endpoint through JAX-RS (JSR-311) APIs.

This sample can be found at <CARBON_HOME>\samples\Jaxws-Jaxrs\jaxrs_sample_02. 

Building and Running the Sample  

Using Maven

1. Install and run the WSO2 Application Server. Refer to the  Installation Guide for instructions.

2. From the base directory of this sample (<CARBON_HOME>\samples\Jaxws-Jaxrs\jaxrs_sample_02), the maven pom.xml file can be used to build and run the sample using either UNIX or Windows.

3. To build the sample and create a WAR file, run mvn clean install command.

4. Start the Application Server (run bin/

  • mvn -Pdeploy (deploys the generated WAR file on WSO2 AS with related logs on the console)
  • mvn -Pclient (runs the client)

Using Apache Ant 

 1. Run "ant" on <CARBON_HOME>\samples\Jaxws-Jaxrs\jaxrs_sample_02 directory to deploy the jaxrs_sample_02 service on the server.

2. Start the application server and access its Management Console at https://localhost:9443/carbon.

3. Go to "Services -> List" menu to find the jaxrs_sample_02 service listed on the "Deployed Services" window.

4. Execute "sh" or "run-client.bat" to run the client.

5. Try the sample with different QoS options which appear on its dashboard. Run "sh -help" for different options.


Advanced JAX-RS sample explanation in the WSO2 Application Server.