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WSO2 Business Rules Server (WSO2 BRS) is an enterprise-grade, lean, 100% open source, cloud-enabled Business Rule Management System (BRMS) offered under Apache license 2.0. It provides capability for




deploying, monitoring, and maintaining an organization's business decisions, and exposing them as secure, reliable Web services.  

Integration with WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus supports the incorporation of dynamic business decisions to your enterprise's application integration solution.

The WSO2 Business Rules Server brings the agility of business rules to your SOA toolkit. Allowing business rules to be encapsulated in a simpler, more direct dialect and language closer to business analysts ensures that WSO2 BRS excels at extending the capabilities of your SOA.

Getting Started

This is the official, released WSO2 Business Rules Server documentation, hosted

at : 

at The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with information for setting up, configuring and implementing the WSO2 BRS.

If you are a first time user, the following sections will introduce BPS and help you get started quickly.

About BRS       Installation Guide     

Quick Start     

    BRS Samples

If you have a specific question
Also, the FAQ lists some of the most common questions regarding WSO2 BRS,
refer to the FAQ
its configuration and how to get started.

This documentation is structured by key subject areas of WSO2 BRS. For a comprehensive coverage of the entire product, we recommend that you spend some time with the documentation's structure before digging into the content. You can get a high-level view of the main topics covered by going through the left navigation panel of the online documentation, or the table of contents in a printed version. 

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