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The user-mgt.xml file's main configuration section has the following information:

Code Block
     <EveryOneRoleName>everyone</EveryOneRoleName> <!-- By default users in this role sees the registry root -->
     <Property name="dataSource">jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB</Property>
     <Property name="MultiTenantRealmConfigBuilder">org.wso2.carbon.user.core.config.multitenancy.SimpleRealmConfigBuilder</Property>

The main elements of the Realm Configuration can be explained as follows.

Element Name



Admin's role name.
This role has permission to carry out any action related to the Management Console. If the user store is read-only, then this role is added to the system as a special internal role where users are from an external user store.


Admin user's username. 
If the user store is read-only, the admin user must exist in the user store. Otherwise the system won't start.


Admin user's password. 
If the user store is read-only, this element and its value are ignored.


Everyone role name.
All users in the system belong to this role.

The main properties of the user Realm Configuration can be explained as follows. It mainly contains details for the database connection.


Property Name








Include Page
Shared:Realm Configuration (Carbon 4.1.0 v1)
Shared:Realm Configuration (Carbon 4.1.0 v1)