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  1. Log in to the API Manager's Management Console and select Browse under Resources menu.

  2. Select the file: /_system/governance/apimgt/applicationdata/tiers.xml.

  3. In the Contents panel, click Edit as text link and throttling policy should open up bellow.

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  1. You can add a new policy configuration by editing the XML code. As an example, we have added a new tier called Platinum by including the following XML code block soon after the <throttle:MediatorThrottleAssertion> tag:

    Code Block
         <throttle:ID throttle:type="ROLE">Platinum</throttle:ID>

    The file looks as follows after the addition:


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  1. Click the Save Content button. Now your new throttling policy (Platinum) is successfully saved in the Repository  used by WSO2 API Manager. You can view this new throttle tier available for selection when creating a new API through the API Publisher


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