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Users created from the API Manager console and signing up from the API Store are added to the primary user store only. When logging in, users should provide the domain they belong to coupled with the username in the format 'DomainName/username' as their username. For example, consider a user with the following credentials
username - storeuser
password - storepass
domain    -
When logging in, credentials should be provided as follows:
username -
password - storepass


Use the <maxFailedLoginAttempt> element in <AM_HOME>/repository/conf/user-mgt.xml file to lock a user account when a given number of failed login attempts are exceeded.

Invoking the Login API 

When invoking the Login API for token generation, a user needs to provide credentials as explained in the section above, where the user name is coupled with the domain name. The following example shows how ‘storeuser’ of domain makes a request to the Login API using curl as the REST client.