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Typically, in Proxy Services and sequences, the requests are sent to a backend service for further processing, and the responses are simply routed back to the client. In such scenarios, the request mediation time will include the time taken to send the message to the backend service and receive a response. The response mediation time, however, will only consist of the time taken to process the response through the service bus alone. As a result, in most practical scenarios, the request mediation time is much greater than the corresponding response mediation time. This concept is further illustrated by the following equations:

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Image RemovedRequest mediation time = Time to mediate request through the ESB + Time to send request to backend service + Time for backend service to process request + Time to send response back to the ESB

Response mediation time = Time to mediate response through the ESB

In case of simple sequences and proxy services, the mediation time could be very small. It could even take values less than 1 ms. When it happens, the statistics collector will report the mediation time as 0 ms.