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The Java2WSDL tool allows you to generate the WSDL for Java code that is already written to provide a Web service. This tool helps you to develop Web services in the code first approach, where the development starts with the code and thereafter you derive the WSDL from the source. The functionality is provided by the following feature:

Name : WSO2 Carbon - WSDL Tools Feature
Identifier :

If the above feature is not included in your product by default, you can install it using the instructions given in section Feature Management.

Follow the instructions below to use the Java2WSDL tool.

1. Log on to the product's management console and select "Tools -> Java2WSDL."

2. In the "Add Resources" panel, click "Browse" to locate the file you want to add. For example,


Only .jar files can be added as resources. If you want to add more than one file, click the plus sign next to the "Browse" button.

3. Enter values as required and click "Generate."


Each field is described in the "Java2WSDL" user interface itself. The "class name" of the service implementation is a mandatory field.