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sh <ESB_WORKER_HOME>/bin/ -DworkerNode=true 

The additional -DworkerNode=true argument true argument indicates that this is a worker node. This  This parameter basically makes a server read-only. A node with this parameter will not be able to do any changes such as writing or making modifications to the deployment repository etc.


If you wish to start the worker in daemon mode, edit the shell script and add -DworkerNode=true to the end of the script as shown below. Start the server with 'sh ./ start'.

Code Block
   -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 \
    -DworkerNode=true \
    org.wso2.carbon.bootstrap.Bootstrap $*

What you configure the axis2.xml (under the clustering section), the cluster sub domain must indicate that this node belongs to the "worker" sub domain in the cluster.

When starting the Worker1, it should display logs similar to the following in the console:

Code Block
INFO - TribesClusteringAgent Initializing cluster...
INFO - TribesClusteringAgent Cluster domain: wso2.esb.domain
INFO - TribesClusteringAgent Using wka based membership management scheme
INFO - WkaBasedMembershipScheme Receiver Server Socket bound to:/
INFO - WkaBasedMembershipScheme Receiver Server Socket bound to:/
INFO - WkaBasedMembershipScheme Added static member
INFO - WkaBasedMembershipScheme Added static member
INFO - TribesClusteringAgent Local Member
INFO - TribesUtil Members of current cluster
INFO - TribesUtil Member1
INFO - TribesUtil Member2
INFO - WkaBasedMembershipScheme Sending JOIN message to WKA members...
INFO - TribesClusteringAgent Trying to send initialization request to
INFO - GetConfigurationResponseCommand Received configuration initialization message
INFO - TribesClusteringAgent Cluster initialization completed.