This documentation is for WSO2 App Factory 1.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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 1. Create a web application in AppFactory. Lets call it Customer Portal API- cportal Invoker application. When you create an application in App Factory it will be automatically created in API-M.

 2. Checkout the cportal the API-Invoker source code and the with git clone command. Its folder structure should be is as follows:

3. Write your application to get keys by calling the CarbonContext and Registry APIs. The correct sandbox and production keys will be used depending on where the application is deployed.


Note: A sample index.jsp is attached with the above changes.       index.jsp 

         Replace this file in API-Invoker.

4. Commit the changes made with git commit command.

5. Subscribe the application to the Weather API as follows:

  • Click on cportal on API-Invoker application in Home page.
  • Click on 'Configure Resources' menu item.
  • Go under 'APIs' section and click 'Subscribe' button.
  • Go under 'Subscribe to an API' section and click 'Add Api' button.
  • You will be redirected to API Manager Homepage (
  • Click on 'twitter - 1.0.0' application.

  • Select cportal Select API-Invoker from 'Applications' drop down and click 'Subscribe' button. You will get the 'Subscription Successful' pop-up.

6. Generate keys for cportal API-Invoker from App Factory.

  •  Go under 'Subscribe to an API' section and click 'Add Api' button.
  •  Go under 'Saved Keys' section and click 'Generate Keys' button and keys will be generated for sandbox and production separately.