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Not only are you allowed, but also encouraged. You can start by subscribing to and mailing lists. Feel free to provide ideas, feedback and help make our code better. For more information on contacts, mailing lists and forums, see Getting Support.

Installation questions

Do you provide automated installation scripts based on Puppet or similar solutions?

Yes. For information, contact us.

Is it possible to connect the API Manager directly to an LDAP or active directory, so that it offers the REST APIs an authentication method?

Yes. You can configure the API Manager with multiple user stores. See Configuring User Stores.

Clustering and distributed deployment questions


Is it recommended to run multiple WSO2 products on a single server?

No, we do This is not recommend this, especially not in a production environment involving multiple transactions. However, you can install features of one WSO2 product on another. If you want to start several WSO2 products on a single server, see you must change their default ports to avoid port conflicts. See Changing the Default Ports with Offset.


This should be done in the backend services in the Application Server or WSO2 ESB.