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  • Adding and Managing Users and Roles

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    • Some external user stores do not allow you to create empty roles. In that case, selecting users who belong to a role is mandatory.
    • If you connect to an external user store in read only mode, you can read existing roles from it but you can not edit/delete the roles. In this case, you can still create new roles which are editable and can be managed internally.
    • If you connect to an external user store in read/write mode, you can edit the roles in the external user store as well.

Importing users

In addition to manually adding individual users, you can import multiple users in bulk if you have exported them to a comma-separated values (.csv) file or Microsoft Excel (.xls) file.


This is only supported if you have configured your user store as JDBCUserStoreManager. See here for information on how to do this.

  1. On the Users screen, click Bulk Import Users.
  2. Browse and select the file that contains the user data. 
  3. Specify a default password to assign to all the users you are importing and click Finish. This password is valid for only 24 hours, so you should inform your users that they must log in and change their password within 24 hours.

Changing the current user's password