This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus version 4.8.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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  • Endpoint Template - Defines a templated form of an endpoint. An endpoint template can parameterize an endpoint defined within it. You invoke an endpoint template as follows:

    Code Block
    <endpoint template=”name” ...>
    <parameter name=”name” value=”value”/>
  • Sequence Template - Defines a templated form of an ESB sequence. A sequence template can parameterize XPath expressions used within a sequence that is defined inside a template. You invoke a sequence template with the Call Template mediator by passing in the parameter values as follows:

    Code Block
    <call-template target=”template” >
    <parameter name=”name” value=”value”/>

For more information on creating and using these templates, see Endpoint Template and Sequence Template.

You can also create groups of configuration templates and the underlying logic required to connect to a third-party API. These groups are called connectors. For more information, see Working with Connectors.