This documentation is for WSO2 API Manager 1.6.0 View documentation for the latest release.
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  1. Navigate to <AM_Home>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/publisher/site/conf/site.json, and modify the following configurations found under section ssoConfiguration.
    • enabled : Set this value to true to enable SSO in the application.
    • issuer : API_PUBLISHER. This value can change depending on the Issuer value defined in WSO2 IS SSO configuration.
    • identityProviderURLhttps://localhost:9444/samlsso. Change the IP and port accordingly. This is the redirecting SSO url in your running WSO2 IS server instance.
    • keyStoreName : The location for the default key-store, which is wso2carbon.jks used by WSO2 IS (running identity provider). For example, repository/resources/security/wso2carbon.jks
    • keyStorePassword : Password for the above keystore.
    • identityAlias: wso2carbon.
  2. Similarly configure the API Store with SSO. The only difference for API Store SSO configurations is setting API_STORE as the issuer.
  3. Once done, access the API Publisher application by typing the URL https://localhost:<Port number>/publisher (e.g. https://localhost:9443/publisher) in your browser. Observe the request redirect to the WSO2 IS SAML2.0 based SSO login page. For example,
  4. Enter user credentials. If the user authentication is successful against WSO2 IS, it will redirect to the API Publisher web application with the user already authenticated. Next, access
  5. Access the API Store application, click its Login link and verify that the same user is already authenticated in API Store as well.