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Table of Contents

Deploying Data Services Samples

You need Apache Ant 1.6.2 or higher to deploy the samples.
  1. Stop the currently running Application Server.
    This is recommended, to clean the current sample database and redeploy the services.
  2. Remove the current sample database and remove existing sample data services using the following command:

    Code Block
    cd PRODUCT_HOME/samples/dataServiceSamples
    ant clean
  3. Deploy all the samples using the following command: 

    Code Block
  4. Start the Data Services Server by executing one of the following commands, where <PRODUCT_HOME> is the directory where you installed the product distribution:

    On Windows
    <PRODUCT_HOME>\bin\wso2server.bat --run
    On Linux/Solaris
    sh <PRODUCT_HOME>/bin/

Available data services samples

For more information, on the data services samples see DSS Samples.