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The Call Template mediator allows you to construct a sequence by passing values into a sequence template.

Code Block
<call-template target="string">
   <!-- parameter values will be passed on to a sequence template -->
    <!--passing plain static values -->
   <with-param name="string" value="string" /> |
    <!--passing xpath expressions -->
   <with-param name="string" value="{string}" /> |
    <!--passing dynamic xpath expressions where values will be compiled
   <with-param name="string" value="{{string}}" /> |
   ) *
   <!--this is the in-line sequence of the template    -->

You use the target attribute to specify the sequence template you want to use. The <with-param> element is used to parse parameter values to the target sequence template. The parameter names must be an exact match to the names specified in target template. The parameter value can contain a string, an XPath expression (passed in with curly braces { }), or a dynamic XPath expression (passed in with double curly braces) whose values are compiled dynamically.


This is currently only supported for special types of mediators such as the Iterator and Aggregate Mediators, where actual XPath operations are made on a different SOAP message than the message coming in to the mediator.