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The sequence template is a top-level element defined by the name attribute in the ESB configuration. Both endpoint and sequence template starts with a template element. Parameters (for example, <parameter>) are the inputs supported by this sequence template. These sequence

The parameters available to configure the Sequence Template are as follows.

Parameter Name
NameThe name of the Sequence Template
onErrorSelect the error sequence that needs to be invoked.
Trace EnabledWhether or not trace is to be enabled for the sequence.
Statistics EnabledWhether or not statistics is to be enabled for the sequence.
Template ParametersThe input parameter that are supported by this Sequence Template.

Sequence template parameters can be referenced by using an XPath expression defined inside the in-line sequence. For example, the parameter named "foo" can be referenced by the Property mediator (defined inside the in-line sequence of the template) in the following ways: