This documentation is for WSO2 Business Rules Server 2.1.0.View documentation for the latest release.

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Parameter Name



Possible Values

Default Value


The port number on which this transport receiver should listen for incoming messages.


A positive integer less than 65535



When used, this transport listener will accept messages arriving through a HTTP proxy server which listens on the specified proxy port. Apache mod_proxy should be enabled in the proxy server. All the WSDLs generated will contain the proxy port value as the listener port.


A positive integer less than 65535


When using org.wso2.carbon.core.transports.http.HttpTransportListener as the transport receiver implementation, HTTP servlet transport should be configured in the $PRODUCTPRODUCT_HOME/repository/conf/tomcat/transportscatalina-server.xml file file. The transport class that should be specified in the transportsthe catalina-server.xml file  file is as follows:

Code Block
<Connector protocol="org.wso2apache.carboncoyote.server.transports.http.HttpTransporthttp11.Http11NioProtocol"/>

This servlet transport implementation can be further tuned up using the following parameters.