This documentation is for WSO2 Application Server 5.2.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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  1. Configure the following files for the new production server: 
  2. Copy the following directories from the old database to the staging database. 
    • To migrate the super tenant settings, copy the <AS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/ directory.
    • If multitenancy is used, copy the <AS_HOME>/repository/tenants/ directory.
  3. Perform any configurations required for the server, e.g., external user stores, clustering, caching, mounting. 


    Note that configurations should not be copied directly between servers. 

  4. Start the server.

Recommended checkpoints

The databases should contain the newly added tables, which are namely as followsWhen the database upgrade scripts are executed, the following new tables will be created in the database:




Going into production

The following are recommended tests to run on the staging system. 

  • Create multiple user stores and try adding users to different user stores.

  • Create multiple tenants and add different user stores to the different tenants. Thereafter, add users to the various user stores. 

Once the above tests are run successfully, it is safe to consider that the upgrade is ready for production. However, it is advised to test any features that are being used in production.