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  • An XML file containing the security policy for the proxy service needs to be created. Sample content of a simple user name-token security policy is available here.
  • Registry Resources with the endpoint URLs to be created as in the previous sample.


  1. Create an XML file containing the security policy. For this sample, we look at a simple authentication policy using X509 certificate. The XML configuration details are available here.


    Note: Currently Developer Studio tooling has a limitation where it does not support security policies for user name token authentication.


  2. Create a Registry Resources Project named 'HelloWorldStaticResources'.
  3. To create a new Registry Resource for the policy, right-click the project and select New > Registry Resource.
  4. Choose Import from file system.
  5. Browse and select the XML file containing the policy from the file system.
  6. Select 'gov' as the Registry.
  7. Specify 'policies/HelloWorld' as the Registry path to deploy.


  1. Create a resource CApp with the dynamic resources created in the previous sample.
  2. Create a CApp with the static resource and proxy service we created in the steps above.
  3. The next step is to create the CApp to contain the static resource (security policy) and the proxy service.